Where can I access an updated seniority list?
Updated seniority lists are posted in specific areas throughout the depot on a quarterly (every three months) basis. Please contact your steward for the location nearest you. The most recent version of the seniority list can also be accessed via this website by clicking here: (link). This version will always be the most up-to-date, as it is updated monthly.

Where can I get a copy of the CBA?
Hard copies of the CBA are kept at the Union office located at 2185 Carbaugh Avenue, and are available to all members. A digital version of the CBA can be accessed via this website by clicking here: (link).

When does our next raise take effect?
The contractual yearly increases in Pay Rate, as well as Health and Wellness Benefit take effect beginning the first day of the first full pay period of the new year. The yearly increases scheduled for 2019 will take effect 1 July 2019. For further information regarding rate increases please see Appendix A, located on page 30 of the CBA. For information regarding the Health and Wellness benefit increases please see CBA Article VI Section 8 B, beginning on page 26.

If I take l take PTO, or have a paid holiday during the week, will I be paid overtime if I work Saturday?
Overtime shall be paid for hours PAID in excess of forty (40) in a workweek at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee’s base hourly rate. All hours in a paid status (PTO, Holiday, Paid Bereavement) apply toward the 40 hours PAID for the week to qualify for overtime status.

How many hours of PTO can I carry over, and what happens if I have more than the maximum allotted hours?
A maximum of 120 hours PTO may be carried over from one calendar year to the next. Any excess balance (more than 120 at the end of the calendar year) unused accrued PTO shall be paid at your current base pay rate. For further information regarding PTO accrual, and carryover please refer to CBA Article VI Section 1, Paragraph E.

If I get laid off must the Company recall me before hiring a new employee from outside The Bargaining Unit? How can the Company post openings on job websites when I still haven’t been recalled?
All recalls, as well as layoffs, must be done in seniority order. The recall list must be exhausted of all individuals qualified for the classification(s) in which the recall is taking place prior to the Company hiring from outside The Bargaining Unit. The Company has the right to post the openings to the public concurrently with conducting a recall, but must still exhaust the recall list prior to hiring from outside The Bargaining Unit. For additional information regarding recall rights please refer to CBA Article IV Section 5, beginning on page 14.

What happens if I refuse a recall?
If you are laid off involuntarily (based on seniority) you may not refuse a recall, and such refusal or failure to respond will result in a loss of seniority and recall rights.
If you choose to take a voluntary layoff, however, there are provisions to allow for a refusal. Individuals who take a voluntary layoff may refuse recall once during the term of the layoff and maintain their position on the recall list, however upon a second refusal will be moved to the bottom of the seniority list for recall in their corresponding job classification. A subsequent refusal to recall will result in loss of seniority and employment. For additional information regarding recall refusal please refer to CBA Article IV Section 2 paragraph 2, beginning on page 13. For additional information regarding loss of seniority please refer to CBA Article IV Section 6.

In the event of a layoff in my job classification may I bump a person in a lower job classification if I have more seniority?
Individuals identified for reduction/layoff in their current classification may have the right to bump individuals in lower classifications. These bumps will occur only if the individual has held the job classification(s) previously at LEAD. For additional information regarding displacement (bumping) rights, please refer to CBA Article IV Section 2 paragraphs 5, 6, and 7, beginning on page 13.

What happens if a person is promoted and then cannot perform their new job? Can they return to their previous position?
When anyone is awarded a posted job, and fails to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position at any time within ninety (90) days after assuming the position, the individual will be returned to the position last held prior to the award of such promotion. If the position has been eliminated or filled, the employee may exercise displacement rights as outlined in CBA Article IV Section 2. For additional information regarding promotions please refer to CBA Article IV Section 7. For additional information regarding displacement right please refer to CBA Article IV Section 2.